Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fit than Fat!

The Culprits!

Finally, when the rain came, Germans were not talking anymore
about the weather. Now, there is the new threat facing the whole
future of this society...fat children, fat men, fat women.
Dicke Deutsche! Fat Germans! Although the fatty years with the
social benefits are gone, the unwanted fat covering about 2/3
of men and 53% of women in Germany remains. That is another
translation from the news taken from the
Hey, it says men and women from Germany, so it could mean you
and me and not only the ...where did I read that definition...
fat, ugly, beefy...Gs.

Another article claims that in Europe about
20% of all school kids are overweight. Who is the culprit?
TV commercials are to be blamed for this development according
to this pro-heart advocacy group. About 20 ads of food and other
tempting goodies with high fat and sugar contents are being
flashed per hour, and therefore, children should be protected
from such commercials.

Fitt statt Fett is the Five-Point Plan
of the duo Ulla Schmidt(SPD), Minister for Health and
Horst Seehofer(CSU) Minister for Consumption and Agriculture
(I refuse to make the association fat pigs produce fat Germans?)
to improve Germans' eating habits and physical exercises until
the year 2020 and simultaneously stop children's tendency
to become overweight.

So calling all mothers, blogging or not, single parents or what,
how do I keep my kids cute, fit than fat, healthy looking with
my/our own weakness for dougnuts, white wine and chips while
watching TV,chatting or googling my favorite recipes for
brownies, buco pies and salads?


thess said...

the dutch health department is also alarmed bacause more and more dutch people are getting bigger

masarap kasi kumain naman talaga :)

hello there!


well, i can only say amen to that, they have all sorts of wonderful tasting cheese, nuts and is worth the travel, tell you.

Emma said...

nasa katawan talaga ng bata. kami mula pa sa umpisa, bihira kaming kumain ng karne...steak lang kung kakain talaga kami. balanced diet ang importante. yun anak ay talagang hindi naman tabain. ako lang ang tumaba sa germany.



Dear Emma,
Salamat sa sharing. Ako din naging L ang size ko kahit na may fasting pa. Siguro kailangan lang talaga ng disciplina pero kung steak ang kaharap ko sa lamesa, forget na lang ang resolusyon...tomorrow is another day, sabi nga.

Leah said...

I always say i'll do it tomorrowand then tomorrow becomes tomorrow again. It is hard to stay healthy. I dont buy pop and chips for the house. So snacks are either crackers or nuts.

Good luck in your journey to good health.


Thanks Leah,
I was actually at the supermarkt today and got two cylincers of chips...and then returned them before going to the cahiers. I wanted to buy papaya instead but this old German vendor was so grouchy so I left that poor thing lying on the basket. That is another story. Keep in touch!

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