Sunday, 13 May 2007

Women Rule the World

EuroVision Song Contest

This is the English version of the
German entry to this year's Eurovision
Singing Competition which was held in Helsinki
last May 12, the eve before Mother's Day
in Germany.We have one woman chancellor but
the song placed only 19th. Lugi daw ang Alemanya
according to the local headlines the next day.

Frauen Regier'n Die Welt
Women Rule the World

Even in school the other boys would laugh
But it didn't matter to me a bit
She was so sweet and her legs were so long
I went to her ballet class for almost a year

When I found out she wanted to save the environment
I sewed "No thanks"on my parka
Back then she didn't care about any of that
But since then I know who rules the world

The way they talk and the way they stand
And how they look at you
Your wallet and your heart open right up
And then you buy a ring and a mink
All it takes is a sexy glance
To make you change your politics
It's not a boss of an action hero
A country or Mafia money
It's women who rule the world

They pull out all they stops,
from flirtatious to naive
As babies, they've already got their father
under control
They give you everything when they want something
And you bang your head against the wall when they pout

You make a fool of yourself and take abuse,
Just so the chicks of glance your way one time
They build up Beckham and topple Clinton
Without even starting a political party

The way they talk and the way they stand...

Comment ko: I really did not stay at home to watch
this yearly spectacular in May but rather went to see
a film. But I had seen this singer performing
in a German television last IWD, International Women's
Day this entry song. Instant Comment: Ay Sos!
Nangaya na naman ang mga Aleman. Talo 'to tiyak, I
instantly thought. So talo nga si Swinging Cicero.
I saw the semi-finals (in tv of course) and I was for
Hungary, Serbia and the song with the dancing Turkish women
impressed me. I really go for ethnic stuffs, they show
somehow a distinctive culture and not only copies
of clips we normally see in N-TV. It gets boring somehow.
Some entries, I thought they must be in the wrong stage; this
is a singing competition and not a search for the biggest
skupltured breasts and best swinging Hospitality Girls!
Well, for German Cicero...he could pass for a model for Persil
washing powder.

And the Winner is....from Serbia, and I think she really has
a voice sans swinging and décolletage.

Marija Serifovic
Song: Molitva

I'm wide awake
An empty bed drives my dreams away
Life melts like ice
Disappears in the twinkling of an eye

I'm losing my mind
Pushing reality out of sight
Our lips are touching softly
You're the one I believe blindly

I walk around like crazy
Falling in love frightens me
Days are like wounds
Countless and hard to get through

It burns my sore lips like a fire
Thy name is something I admire
Heavens knows just as well as I do
So many times I have cried over you
Heaven knows just as well as I do
I pray and live only for you

I can't lie to God
as I kneel down and pray
You're the love of my life
That's the only thing I can say


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. My family were very taken by the German entry which was opposite to the embarrassment we had of our (no substance) UK entry. We voted for Germany and Serbia. So we did very well. This page had made our life easier in finding where to get Roger Cicero music.
Hail us women, love and motherhood!
Tahnks again,
Marilou A-W

MA said...

My family were taken by Roger Cicero particularly my boys. It was their type of music. My son has a penfriend
who lives in Herwargen(???), so he was also voting for Germany. But the Serbian message of love took over. Because I could not understand the lyrics, I tought it was promoting 'same sex marriage' to begin with.



Hello UK!
Thanks for the nice feed back and thanks for the vote for Germany.
Will vote for you next year.