Sunday, 20 May 2007

Harvest, Cash and Carry in Strawberry Fields


"Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry fields
Nothing is real and nothing is getting to hung about,"
but this was something; it was real one and half hour looking
for the ripe, deliciously looking and tempting fruitlets and
of course, munching in between which is the attractive bonus of
this kind of harvest your own fruits sales practised in German
farms or fields offering seasonal fruits like cherries and
strawberries. It was a multi-tasking effort: taking photos,
searching for ripe berries,nibbling,listening to Russian, or
Polish? and Turkish languages swirling between rows
of Fragaria vesca or European strawberries.

I paid 9Euro for 5 kilos of self-harvested strawberries and did
a brief interview with the woman who is managing this small
harvest and cash strawberry fields near my village. Nothing of
those questions how much does she earn (not yet though) but she
gladly answered my strawberry related questions: she comes from
Romania,and they normally replant the fields after three years,
and they would sell the berries until end of June. Aha, enough
time to ask her relevant strawberry-related questions and start
a Filipina-Romanian suki relationship in these German strawberry

Tip: Do bring a compact to check trace of exaggerated
sampling before you present the basket of your labour. Good that
they have not thought of weighing people before and after
entering the fields...

Pinay von Strawberrymania
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Michelle said...

Wow... ang daming strawberries.

All my life, once pa ako nakakakain ng strawberries. Bought a pack from the groceries because I was curious of the taste. I didn't like it though.. hehe. It wasn't sweet. Parang bayabas na matabang, minus the seeds.

Siguro mas masarap kung galing talaga Baguio. And the fruits on the photos looks delicious too. hehehe..

Ganon pala mukha ng strawberry shrub? Nasasayad na sa lupa yung mga bunga.. =)


My memory of strawberries and how they taste is really from our trip long time ago in Baguio City but also frustration with buying strawberries and you came home finding more newspapers than berries. Sobra naman ang mga strawberries sa fields na to, puro family size talaga. Ang meaning talaga sa German ng strawberry ay soil or earth berries, nakadikit talaga sa lupa o sa straw. Sana dumami din ang strawberry cultivation sa atin.