Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Of Knut, Gorilla Bokito and Beary Brownie

"Will polar bear Knut become dangerous like Gorilla Bokito?"
flashed in many German sensational dailies today after the Dutch zoo director in Rotterdam City blamed his
colleagues in Berlin for spoiling Gorilla Bokito. A transfer from
Berlin Zoo to Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp (Happy Village)to help in
getting new "recruits" from three female gorillas in Rotterdam Zoo,
Bokito attracted media attention not only through his successful
mission but also through his aggression; the gorilla was said to be
behaving like a "macho" before it started attacking zoo visitors last week.
It was a case of wrong 'upbringing,' said the Dutch zoo director.
Bokito was given feeding-bottles, was going out and eating
pizzas with his caretakers and on top of it, he was a star in Germany.

Will this cute and lovely new star of the Berlin Zoo, Knut the
Polar Bear, end up like Bokito, the Macho Gorilla?
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Good thing that we have our own source of domestic delight and
bear hug through our unspoiled Beary Brownie. It is more than
a decade since this 'huggable' creature has joined our household,
and it does not need anything except fresh batteries for singing.
And those eyes, just look at those eyes.
Who needs Knut and Bokito?

Note: Photos of Knut and Gorilla are taken from the Nachrichten

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