Wednesday, 16 May 2007

I Really Don't Want to Blog Today Day

Tja, after getting up nearing eleven this morning, I
resolved that I won't come near my notebook today.
Basta! Enough of these sleepless nights searching for
interesting pages, Pinay bloggers in diaspora and
trying to understand what RSS Feed means. I can't even
post my photo in my profile so why should I bother
to learn about XML Format and trackbacks.
Reality Check: I will just read emails from dear friends
who loyally send me chain of letters, jokes and spiritual
reminders. Why, at least, these senders I know are made
of blood and flesh with mind and heart and not just email
addresses, and we will soon be sitting together for a dinner
or discuss themes in which we all believe in i.e. women
empowerment, development, migration and integration. Believe
in the sense that it will also appeal to our funders and our
network members. Harinawa!

And so I opened this email from Lina G. with a warning that she
is forwarding it to me for the sake of fun. There he is, this
David Copperfield (have you received your forward?)teasing
me to pick a card and just look at his eyes. Let me see, I
was telling myself and waited either for a trick or treat after
rolling down the whole page.
And wow! Fantastic, simply unbelievable and I am really
amazed how it ended.
If you get this as forward, let me know if Copperfield's
hynoptic eyes have no effect in you. If you cheated, let
me know your trick, please, please!

Actually, today is I really don't want to blog today.


nene said...

thanks for sending tita, madali lang you trick...itago mo yun card mo...


elizabeth said...

have you already learned much about blogging? Basta blog when you want to. don't force yourself or you take the joy from writing :)


Thanks Elizabeth,
There are so much things to learn...but either one writes or one reads manual how to cut and paste...and there are hundreds of interesting blogs out there, too waiting to be read.
It gets addicting...I don't want to spend my days just facing my notebook.
Keep well!