Tuesday, 15 May 2007

If it's Monday, it is Aldi Day! and Nice Neighbors

I bumped into one of my nice woman neighbors yesterday afternoon
after doing my Monday grocery in this now famous 'if it's Monday
or Thursday, then it is Aldi Day' supermarket where one buys not
only canned goods and computers but also books tours or holidays
to USA, Africa or anywhere in Asia. I still have to check if the
supermarket in my village beats the Ethnic tariffs offered by many
tour and travel agencies to full or half-blooded Filipinas and Filipinos
and their partners and children. I did not buy any holiday tour package
but bought a universal homeware which unifies all Aldi shoppers,
rich or poor, employed or unemployed, sports car owners or joggers,
and with this ware, I mean the ever helpful rolls of toilet papers.
Well, come to think of it, it is indeed, a very unifying factor,
an egalitarian domestic ware which is found now in all sizes and
shapes of German-made bathrooms including the johns, naturally.
Ooops, I forgot one globalization issue here. Many stuffs are no
longer produced in expensive Germany but imports from different
"cheap" production zones either in Europe or China.

But back to my Nice Neighbor...
I said nice neighbor because she is, indeed, a nice person...as in
nice person and married to another nice husband. All the niceties
one could wish for when you are living in an apartment complex.
Why am I writing this piece? Well, she gave me two bottles of really
exquisite tasting barrique aged redwine after this spontaneous
meeting in front of our apartment. Talking of ideal, nice neighborhood.

They also showed me yesterday their newly purchased Mac notebook;
my heart sank with envy...the other man's grass is always greener
syndrome momentarily overwhelmed me, that piece of Apple I wanted
so much since I've learned how to use the mouse.

So after the small talks and reassuring them that I would not
attempt to ride freely in their newly installed Wilan connection,
I invited them to visit my blogs. So now you could imagine
why the sudden love your neighbor as you love yourself posting

Now, I am thinking of getting a new blog...blog without my
dear nice neighbors knowing about their equally nice
Pinay Kapitbahay blog.com.

Pinay von Alemanya

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