Sunday 23 December 2007

My Exchange Gift!

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and just when I was about to go to sleep, came in an email
from another member of OTAP and dear good friend Sol who
sent this attachment. So for all you beautiful women
and men out there...PROST!

On the 23rd Day of Christmas...dreaming


Or shall I call it dress rehearsal for the final
eating day on the holy night of christmas.
First, the "saling cat-cat na cake"
which according to my girlfriend Yvonne tasted good
and wanted another huge serving but without raisins and
other dried what will be the next request,
no flour, no sweeteners, no joy?

Then she surprisingly came with a real devilish
tasting chocolate cake this weekend for my hubby
who was celebrating his birthday (just in case you
women would be complaining why I got a huge cake
extra while you brought home only some tasty morsels
from our Friday eat and meet and founding night
of the OTAP (Organization of Truly Attractive Pinays!).

Then I got my attack of advent depression
thinking of puto bumbongs and other treats back home
after simbang gabi (mass held during four am!)
so I decided to get my ancient and unused puto bumbong
maker from our cellar (it refuses to get hot in my electric range...
choosy puto bumbong maker)to remind good friends of their
promised pasalubongs when they return to Alemanya in January.
My manita Marilou refuses to go to Chinatown to get my
hopyas even if she has signed a promissory note of pasalubong
(Mitbringsel), saying...oy hindi! no way!

On the 23rd Day of Christmas, my truly love said to me...
when do you clear up?
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Friday 14 December 2007

On the 14th Day of Christmas

Friday, the 14th of December
no sign of snow
no sign of sun
at least the temperature is getting like a typical December weather
and today no rain!
the cleaning of the balcony can wait
but it is Friday
market day
fish day
Sushi dinner for two
do it yourself slicing and soaking the
fresh tuna and salmon
in soy sauce with three cloves of finely
cut garlic
eaten with japanese rice sprinkled with
all sorts of flaky sea weeds
and accompanied by warm sake
quite a shift from the sweet stuffs which
I have been chewing since the start of December:
Krapfen (which is translated as doughnut!)
Spekulatius, Macaroons and Stollen.
Last night I was finishing off a packet of
Macademia nuts and some pistachio left-overs -
must be those sudden pangs of hunger after
my Heilfasting. Anyway, I won my bet with
Nelly that I could lose some weight before
the conference...the only act of losing I really like...
losing in the scale. So now the bulge can come
back and I can throw my weight around, ahah!
Irog, can you mail our Christmas cards, fetch
water and bring down the garbage, pleeeeeeease!

(Actually, I wanted to change the image for my
blog...but it won't work. The new photo refused
to appear on the main page. Too loaded with blogging
images? SOS! or Help!)

(Another booty from the Weihnachtsmarkt, Churros ala Alemanya!
No, we don't serve them with hot chocolate came the answer
from a woman selling Christmas biscuits when I asked if I could
have hot chocolate to go with the fingergoodies. With what then,
with Gluehwein?)

Tuesday 11 December 2007

On the 11th Day of Christmas...


And just when I was about to tell hubby, how people are just using
the internet to send greetings, he brought up the post
with these two Christmas cards coming from our dear Sarah
and John from Bath and the other one from Monica who now
lives in her new parish in Scotland. The first cards
through the conventional postal system in this
rainy Advent 2007. Somehow, it feels different.
Iba ang pakiramdam!
These are real paper cards with real postage stamps.
Some things are just differently nice
and they should stay like that despite high-speed
Skyping and nocturnal chattings.
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Saturday 8 December 2007

Christmas Wishes per Web

from Maya: Christmas greetings.

2. Dez. (Vor 1 Tag)

Give me a smile
for Christmas
oh, so nostalgic
for beginnings
oh, to forget
the folly
and ragings,
lost the innocence
of our birth,

Give me a smile
this Christmas
the skies
are pale in Paris
the chill
in our wombs,
the waning passions
and worry
our dreams,

Give me a smile,
this Christmas,
forget politics
and commerce,
let our Christmas
remember the birth,
the innocence
the healing, the
unfearful loving,
the scent of myrrh,
and hope lighting
the stars, oh,

Give me a smile
for Christmas..

From Maria Thelma

Saturday 1 December 2007

On the first day of December...Adventscalendar

C is for Chocolate. A chocolate calendar given by our bank. That
sounds soooo rich, our bank. But I was dreaming today like
other millions of Lotto tippers...what shall I do with 38Millions
if I win the jackpot?
My villa in Toscana for Pinays in Alemanya?
Chasing an impossible dream or just getting
addicted to a weekly gambling?