Thursday 26 September 2013

Merienda Pinay Style - Turon

When everybody back home is talking about pork barrel scam and plunder, am blogging about one fatty but delicious Philippine merienda to go with your favorite tea or LatteMacc. The other day, I was Skyping with one BFF (Best Friend Forever) and as usual our topic touched on what else but food. She told me she would like to cook bananacues, and this gave me the idea to save the bought Saba or Kochbananen as the Germans call them which are now yellowing in the kitchen. Want to please (meaning as a friendly revenge)the nice Dutch neighbor who has been pampering me with a Dutch doll wearing traditional Dutch dress, rhubarb compote and Advocaat with cream. So this merienda or snack is called turon. If you want to make it yourself, here are the ingredients: Turon Saba or Kochbanana (choose the yellow ones as the green ones are quite hard and need longer cooking) Red Sugar to roll the cut banana Cooking Oil for deep frying Wrappers for Lumpia (available as frozen wrappers in Asian shops) Just follow the photos and enjoy cooking, as simple as that. Note that either you fold your wrappers or just leave them open at the ends before deep frying. Let the golden fried turon drip a bit before serving otherwise they might swim in hot oil. Then share them with your neighbors bringing the hood to the neighbor as I have read somewhere else. Kain Tayo! Let's Eat!