Tuesday 11 August 2009

Bella Italia...hearing the singing of the cicadas all day

Have a chance to do some postings in addition to this newly
found projet of Farming in this wide wide world of cyber hobby.
Sarah Jean invited me to this addiction forming hubby
and encouraged by friends in Padova a couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday, Belly, Ditche and I went by boat to
Le Cinque Terre which I have seen more than a decade ago
with my girlfriend Ulrike. How the villages have changed to
the comings and goings of tourists but the beauty of the
place has remained or I would like to think that way.
Some of the taken shots:

Monday 3 August 2009

Isang Party para sa Isang Debutante, Anne Ester S.

Some nieces are lucky, I think. They just don't get
"pasalubongs" or gifts from their aunties who work abroad.
They get literally pampered with good wishes and treats.
Anne Ester S. celebrated her 18th birthday in a historical
castle/villa near Padova with her relatives and closed
friends through the help of her aunties, Cecil and Laarni,
who, incidentally,are my closed friends in Europe.
I saw the last days of the stressy preparation for the
grand affair and when I saw how the aunties together
with the debutante's parents and other closed friends
work to make the celebration an unforgettable night
for Anne Ester, I thought how lucky she is to have
thoughtful women in her family. I was lucky, too, to have
been invited to the affair. Cecile even lent me evening
gown and matching shoes for the formal birthday celebration.
To remember that night, here are some photos...
Happy Birthday Tebet! May you be blessed with many
more beautiful years and many thoughtful aunties!