Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas Eve Celebration in Germany

Sending of Christmas greetings through social networkings. Merry Christmas from the Little Warrior.

Traditional Christmas Eve dinner is taken at the normal dinner  time unlike in some countries like the Philippines when they have Noche Buena in the middle of the night inviting friends and other clan members. In Germany, it is shared normally by the so-called nuclear family, the parents and their children. Other family or clan members can come for a visit on the first or second day of Christmas so with invited friends. For this dinner, it starts with hot and delicious pumpkin soup.

To eat goose, turkey or beef? To settle the question, the hostess decides for something wild-Rehragout, venison gulasch. Soft meat, a bit spicy, and one is comforted with the thought that the meat is not full of antibiotics. Well...

To go with the Rehragout, Spätzle is served. Spätzle is a soft egg noodle or dumpling popular in Southern Germany.

Salad is never lacking. As photo shows, it is tomato and rucola combination.

Pears in red wine accompany the wild meat.

Red cabbage with apples as side dish.

For dessert, the dear hostess surprises us with her perfect mousse au chocolat.

The tempting combination of dark and white chocolate served with raspberry.

Christmas Eve means for many kids "Bescherung." This is the handing out of Christmas presents from their parents to the kids and how many gifts are handed out for each child. Kids start to play doctor ready to treat patients with the toy First Aid Kit.

The little girl needs coaching to complete her Christmas song.
She is so fascinated by the first-aid kit present and willingly poses for a photo. How charming! 

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Visits to Christmas Markets

Weihnachtsmarkt-Domplatz in Köln

Weihnachtsmarkt - Osnabrück


Attaching here a short video clip of street musicians playing near the Weihnachtsmarkt in Münster just beside Lambertikirche (Lamberti church).