Monday 3 September 2012

A Triathlon and More Weekend (Bulgogi, Haberdashery and Social Engagement)

Bulgogi - marinaded or fiery beef
It was the weekend of the so-called Köln (Cologne) Triathlon. Wiki gives us the meaning of the word Triathlon, which comes from Greek trei (three) and athlos (contest); a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuos and sequential endurance events. So while the city was feverish with its known sports festival, I was having my own Triathlon and more weekend. It started with feasting with our group we named OTAP (Organization of Truly Attractive Pinays, hehehe!) in a Bulgogi Korean Restaurant where we enjoyed servings of Ssamgyup-sal (pork), Bulgogi (marinaded beef), slices of squids and shrimp pieces to grill. There is a non-stop, all you can eat bar for the side-dishes from Kimchi (spicy pickled white Chinese cabbage), Chap-Chae (stir-fried mixture), Kimba (sushi roles) and other fiery mixture of green and yellow vegetables. For this dinner, one has to pay 18.90 each excluding drinks.
Fried Korean Mandoo - Dumplings as Starters
Side-dishes of fried noodles, sprouts and other veggies
A Day for Haberdasheries- Did you Know That?
 Next day, Sunday, I saw an ad in the local newspaper about a German-Dutch Textile Market going on in the city. This is a rotating market of textiles, leather stuffs, buttons, self-made ornaments and other articles for sewing and home decorations. I befriended a stand-owner from Morrocco selling shawls, leather bags and clothes from India. I heard him saying no discount to other buyers but to me he gladly gave 3 to 4 Euro discount for the stuffs I bought. He gave me his card and I promised him to look after him in FB. Maybe I would even visit him in my next trip to Holland and see more of his colourful collection of Indian skirts and shawls. One sees and gets more of these exotic pieces in the neighboring Dutch cities. Watch out for the next rotating market in your cities. Check expo-concept dot de if you're interested in sewing. I am really thinking of getting myself a sewing machine and relearn how to sew and stitch.
Good for sewing your coats and not only for sofa

Sorry, they are not selling this dress.
The stand of exotic shawls and Indian dresses owned by Mohammed from NL

Beads, stones, plastic and real

A duster

Next stop is Heumarkt for Köln (Cologne) Engagement - Volunteering Spirit in Cologna
I received a call from a friend informing me that our dear friend, Honardo, is performing in Heumarkt. I rushed from the Haberdashery Market to Heumarkt to see him perform but I missed his performance by some minutes but luckily I found out that it was the Sunday of honouring the many organizations and individuals doing volunteering work for the city. Engagement without any remuneration. A city so rich in caring citizens. CCC - Cologne's Caring Citizens

Cultural Program for Social Engagement

Amnesty International

In formal German it means, do you like to work as a volunteer?

Volunteers by the Red Cross

He is showing what this trained dog could do for you for some sweets, of course.

Cologne Against Hunger

Residence for Inter-Generation

Volunteering to cultivate interest of children for arts

Future Avant-garde -  starting them young