Sunday 7 June 2015

June is for Championship League

June is for Messi

The week of hot summery days in Germany, in June. When I asked my dear Rajah Puti (the white Rajah) if we are watching Euro Cup that hot Saturday, 6th of June, he almost exploded and gave me instant briefing on the difference between Championship League and the UEFA-Euro Cup. 
"So now, you know what's at stake tonight," he finished his sporty lecture touching on these and those football clubs which may qualify for the games. My response: I really don't care. I only want to see cute football players." End of lecture. The rest is history. 
3 to 1 against Juventus Turin. (And my heart bleeds for Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon but they remain in the list of my champion league.)

Congratulations FC Barcelona, Barça "Mes que un Club" (Catalan word which means more than a club). May you keep your aspiration to be the best ambassador for sport in Catalonia, Spain and to be seen as a defender of human rights and democratic freedom. Real Champions!

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